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Client Testimonials

"I can't begin to tell you how simple this program is and how well it is managed by ACI Payments, Inc. I would highly recommend that you consider using ACI Payments, Inc. and offering the use of credit cards to your taxpayers. It's easy, convenient, and accurate."

— Peggy Ross, County Treasurer, Rock County, WI

"This program has been received favorably by our customers since it affords them the convenience of paying their bills from their homes and offices, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experience with the personnel at ACI Payments, Inc. has been first-class. This service is a plus for both the city and the customers."

— Marie Neal, City Treasurer, City of Danville, VA

Customer Testimonials

"This is the third time I have used this service. It is a tremendous convenience for several reasons. First, if I pay by credit card, I pay on time but my money is still earning bank interest until billing. Second, I get valuable points on my credit card account. Finally, I don't have to worry about postal delays. I KNOW it has been received!"

"This is the way government should work. What an easy and efficient process."

"You are providing a great service and I will gladly use it again. The convenience fee is reasonable and affordable."

"Fast, easy, and it's in on time!"

"Your Web site is very intuitive and fast. I felt satisfied with the security and was pleased that it was a quick and streamlined process."

"I am overseas for a year and it is a wonderful alternative to any other snail-mail option I have. This was the first time I heard about it, but there must be thousands of other Americans in foreign countries who would LOVE to know about this service. Thanks for a great service and a wonderful idea."

"This service is a life saver for me as I am a procrastinator!"

"Your service is convenient, and allows us to accrue credit card miles for a small fee. It gives us flexibility in budgeting our annual finances, and all adds up to a nice vacation to Hawaii or Europe in Business or First Class."

"This is an amazingly easy process -- first visit! I was in a time crunch due to business and family responsibilities and was relieved to be able to file this way without the hassles of files and checks and stamps, etc. Thank you for your efforts in taming the red tape tax monster."

"Very, very convenient - Now I almost don't mind paying my taxes."


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